In just twelve months in the marketplace, the ULTRACUT® EVO range of cutting fluids from ROCOL® is attracting a loyal and growing customer base of companies looking to strike the optimum balance between performance and costs, whilst adopting the most responsible working practices available.

All four ULTRACUT EVO water-mix cutting fluids share the high performance levels and cost effectiveness of the established ULTRACUT range, with the added benefit of a formulation that is both operator- and environmentally-friendly. Free from hazard labelling, they contain no biocides or skin sensitisers which helps protect against the risk of occupational skin diseases during long term use.

With high dilution ratios designed to minimise fluid consumption, exceptional cutting performance which extends tool life and a long predictable sump life to reduce disposal costs, the ULTRACUT EVO range is an extremely cost effective solution.

Formulations also feature metal deactivators and passivators to enable multi-metal compatibility and they are low foaming which makes ULTRACUT EVO ideal for high pressure systems.

ROCOL Metalworking Business Unit Manager Jason Mann says: “With tooling spend typically at least ten times that of cutting fluids, and in some cases much higher, investing in premium products such as ULTRACUT EVO EP can deliver very significant savings. A 10% reduction in tool spend is like getting your cutting fluid for free!

“Secondly, with the majority of cutting fluid usage being at top up dilution, using ULTRACUT EVO can often double the amount of fluid produced by a barrel. ULTRACUT EVO fluids deliver greatly improved tool life and high dilution rates and really do drive down costs.”

Four no-compromise solutions

The ULTRACUT EVO range offers four solutions to accommodate different metals:

  • ULTRACUT EVO 250 is a long life soluble oil machining fluid suited to light/medium machining operations. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, its high quality general purpose water mix offers very economical dilutions up to 40:1.
  • Formulated for medium/severe machining operations, ULTRACUT EVO 255 is a long life EP soluble oil machining fluid dilutable up to 40:1. With its EP additives, its formulation gives superior performance and extended tool life.
  • ULTRACUT EVO 260 provides the ideal solution for severe machining operations thanks to a long life high performance EP formulation. It is suitable for a wide range of metals including stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium, and suitable for both hard and soft water. Dilution is possible up to a 40:1 ratio.
  • Completing the range is ULTRACUT EVO 280. While primarily formulated for machining aluminium alloys, where its unique blend of lubricity additives and superior pH control help prevent “built up” edge and staining, it is suitable for use with all material types. Dilution is possible up to ratio 25.1.

One total care package

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of metalworking fluids, ROCOL has long recognised the power of a comprehensive fluid management programme in maximising the effectiveness of cutting fluids.

Its Ultracare® programme provides reductions of up to 40% on total cutting fluid spend by reducing fluid usage, extending tool life, reducing downtime and driving down waste disposal costs.

ROCOL sales engineers conduct a free in depth machine shop survey to quantify operational costs associated with cutting fluids and highlight potential savings available through the Ultracare programme. This UK-wide service includes operator training, fluid management materials and both on and off site technical support, together with assistance to comply fully with all essential health and safety legislation, all carried out by dedicated Ultracare service engineers.

ROCOL also provides a full range of ancillary equipment and support through the Ultracare programme to help users manage the care and maintenance of their cutting fluids.

This includes essential equipment such as various automatic fluid mixers, oil skimmers, refractometers and barrel work stations; right through to advice on cutting fluid distribution systems designed to simplify the need for accurate topping up of machines in line with H&S guidelines.

This range of ancillary equipment will also support companies working towards achieving OHSAS 18001 & BS EN ISO 14001.

Find out more about ROCOL ULTRACUT EVO and Ultracare at www.rocol.com.

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