Recent headline-grabbing food safety scares are a stark reminder that food and drink processors cannot afford to take risks that could compromise their products.

While the focus is often on the safety of ingredients, contaminant risk in food and drink products is equally important.

That means eliminating the potential for contaminants to enter factory processes at every stage and includes plant and equipment maintenance procedures.

Not only is it vital to maintain your machinery correctly at the right intervals, it’s crucial that the correct food-grade lubricants are used. And there is no safer option than the FOODLUBE range of high performance lubricants from ROCOL. With 135 years experience in developing and manufacturing chemicals and lubricants for all industries including food, drink and clean industries, ROCOL continues to lead the market with innovative products designed to maximise customer productivity, protect their reputation and contribute to long term profitability.

FOODLUBE perfectly reflects this ethos offering a wide range of products specifically developed to meet the complex demands of the food and drink industry. All food-grade lubricants in this ran...

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It has come to our attention that there is slight confusion when searching for anti-seize products. Many people are asking for a specific brand instead of the technical description of the product they need and this often results in the wrong product being supplied and ultimately dissatisfaction when the application fails. This is a result of brands’ synonimity with certain applications which becomes misleading for customers trying to find the correct product for the job.

There are many different types of anti-seize products so asking for a particular brand doesn’t help to indentify the specific product required, even though another brand may be preferable due to its superior quality. Technically speaking, the correct terminology to use would be copper anti-seize, or simply anti-seize compound. “ANTI-SEIZE Compound” being the new name for ROCOL J166 anti-seize products.

There are differences in asking for copper anti-seize or an anti-seize compound

Most copper anti-seize products solely contain copper as the anti-seizing agent. Copper is a soft metal and can fail as an anti-seize agent under high pressure resulting in metal-on-metal contact and a seized fastener. ROCOL ant...

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Automated lubrication systems distribute product at intervals to various application points. These systems use a series of grease pipes to distribute the lubricant. These are often very thin and long in order to keep the area organised allowing lubrication in difficult to reach areas. The main problem with these small pipes is that they are liable to splitting when conventional greases are used.

Split piping occurs because grease is a thick substance and is difficult to pump through piping. The incremental increase of grease into the piping system leads to a build up of pressure which can lead to a burst pipe. The aesthetic requirement of machinery is leading to the use of smaller grease pipes which in turn will increase the pressure these pipes are under due to the reduced space for the grease to flow in.

Lubrication System Piping

Piping is the principal method for the distribution of grease to the required areas of production and machinery. These systems are often automated and as such, problems can go unnoticed. The consequences of this are; frictional wear and frictional heat increase, failure of the machine or breakage of a particular part. The knock on effect of thi...

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The Swan Yamaha team ended their 2012 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship with a podium finish at Brands Hatch as Tommy Hill claimed a third place finish in the final race of the season to secure third in the overall standings.

In the second race of the weekend Hill was forced to settle for sixth place but in the last race of the season he fought through to fifth place, but as Alex Lowes and Michael Laverty crashed out on the final lap he was promoted to third. Noriyuki Haga ended his season with a pair of top ten finishes in ninth and tenth respectively.

Hill said: “You have a lot of ups and downs in this sport. I have had a lot of downs throughout my career and last season it paid off. I knew it was going to be difficult this weekend and it has been a fantastic year but unfortunately for me the results at the start of the season don’t mean as much in the Showdown. The Showdown didn’t go so well for me and I feel deflated more than anything because of the bad luck. The facts are that everyone is riding hard and at the top of their game. Shakey is a deserved champion and we finished top three this year. I trained hard and gave it 110% and that was what is important...

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EASYLINE® EDGE Aqua is the only aerosol line marking paint with Water Enhanced Technology and the first NSF accredited aerosol line marking paint.

The food industry is a key target market for ROCOL and during many years of successful business in this sector ROCOL has built excellent relationships with food processors, manufacturers and their auditors. Since the 1990’s, ROCOL has helped to educate the industry in food safe lubrication; NSF registered line marking paints represent the next stage of food safety.

EASYLINE EDGE Aqua has been designed to fill a gap in the market for an NSF R2 registered line marking paint. NSF International helps protect consumers by ensuring the safety of food by certifying products and writing safety standards.

Line marking plays a crucial role within many industries, but is of even greater importance within the food industry where health and safety is difficult to control. Whilst developing EASYLINE EDGE Aqua, ROCOL worked closely with Nestlé Purina, one of the largest companies in the food industry who have already benefitted from the advantages of Aqua.

In addition to food safety, EASYLINE EDGE Aqua also contains Water Enhanced Technolo...

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